It is curious, but true: the word matzah is not only the "unleavened bread"! The second meaning of the word - Fight ..

It turns out very interesting layout. Matzah symbolizes the abandonment of selfishness, his disqualification. And it is "a fight", a conflict of interest.

Baal Sulyam calls this situation the war began in man. And it starts only with the awakening of the point in the heart, when egoism begins to feel a threat to their possessions. And before that there is no conflict of interest, because all that a man does is caused by selfishness. And even the commandments man performs for himself - to get a reward or avoid punishment.

A point in the heart (Nowhere Chez Balewa) - a "germ" of the divine soul of man and its awakening is Nefesh deNefesh deNefesh or 1/125 of rise of the spiritual man. And this awakening is like the transition from leaven to fresh matzah.