(Physiology and Kabbalah)

Normally a person - from 28 to 32 teeth. Distinguish between deciduous and permanent teeth - temporary and permanent dentition.

In temporary occlusion (deciduous teeth) is present 8 incisors, canines and 4 molars 8 - a total of 20 teeth. In children, they begin to erupt between the ages of 3 months. In the period from 6 to 13 years old deciduous teeth are gradually replaced by permanent.

Permanent dentition consists of 8 incisors, 4 canines, 8 premolars and molars 8-12. In rare cases, there are additional teeth (both dairy and permanent). The absence of third molars, called "wisdom teeth" is the norm, and third molars do some scientists have considered a throwback (Wikipedia).


The structure of the spiritual worlds, is often compared with the structure of the human body. More precisely - the human body is a projection of the spiritual worlds. What we see in the example with the teeth? Two digits - 28 and 32. Let us examine them in detail.

A) 28 is 7 × 4. What does it look like? Lower Sefiros 7, each of which has four stages (according to four letters neproiznosimym name).

B) is 8 × 32 4. 8 - alludes to the eighth Sephira - Bina. Well, 4 - the same 4 steps that are in each Sephira.

Bina (eighth Sephira) located above the Lower Sefiros 7 and is the first of 3 Higher Sefiros. It is a sort of "repeater" light of the purpose of creation of Sephiroth Funny 7 to Lower.

Light purpose is called Ohr Hochma, which literally translates as the Light of Wisdom. It is interesting that the "extra" eighth four teeth called wisdom teeth .. (by the way Shen Abin - Teeth Binah in Hebrew).

It is a pity that they were considered a throwback. But it reflects the current situation of our - the absence of qualities of recoil (the property of Bina), making it impossible to receive the Light of the Supreme ...