Freestyle - involuntarily

Getting always limited - try eating a soup plates 5 or 6 .. Just open vomiting. But the payoff is always in demand, because people love a stranger altruism - you can give away as much soup as you want.

Same thing with the Light. Light Targets for limited-availability vessel - ie the degree of purity of selfishness. A light return - it can be produced indefinitely. And while it will not be deemed to be received.

Any desire is based on the lack of desire. After all, just want to eat a hungry, well-fed and the food is not necessary. And like with no desire to anything, you can not experience the lack of this. But there is a caveat. Picture this: your child comes to you and asks to buy a rare expensive toy. You get to it a hundred years is not necessary, but the child's desire for you to become "a headache", prompting efforts to achieve its goals. Moreover, it is mixed with your desire, and now you want to get this gift for what would have to give it to the baby.

And it all has a very interesting imprint in our lives. And from my own experience and observations of other people, you can conclude the following: the people of the nations of the world most of the Jews had to learn the inner meaning of the Torah. Although in theory should be the opposite - you need to spread the Kabbalah among Israel *, so that later he was able to give light to the people of the world. Inside Israel first must deal with it religious Jews. But it turns out the opposite is true: the religious Jews do not want to Kabbalah, because come the secular and show them an example. ** And in turn, the nations of the world show an example to Israel.


* Baal Azul considered that it is necessary. I'd add: just as there is a chance to move from a religious point of selfishness, which is worse than selfishness atheists, because motivates want to receive for himself, not only in marerialnom world, but also in the spiritual;

** Many have expressed concern about this. After studying the Kabbalah of Judaism without observance of practices (the commandments, Halacha and customs) only inflates the ego, giving the effect of a return desired. But Gd did not fraer and we can see how more and more secular, began to study Kabbalah without observing the mitzvot, gradually come to compliance. And people from the nations of the world are increasingly awakening Jewish soul placed in a body of non-Jewish and non-Jewish environment for the passage of a special correction, referred to convert to Judaism.