(On the weekly chapter, based on the book Schlawe Sulyam)

1. "If a woman conceive and bear a boy ..." - so begins the weekly Torah chapter tazria. The holy book of Zohar takes the idea - "if a woman have conceived seed, first, it would have a son, and if a man is inseminated the first - born daughter." And such an approach requires clarifications.

There are two forces in man. The first is the Court's property, which is feminine and called Malchut. The Court expressed the rejection of the received light in a state of Tzimtzum - Abbreviations. But in itself Malchut is the highest power of the will to receive.

A second force that person - it is the quality of Rachamim, which is the masculine principle, that is the property of giving, altruism. And these two forces control man - sometimes rigor Private property and manages the property of mercy, charity and sometimes hidden property and property austerity reigns.

A process of conception is like a seed planted in the ground and decompose it. Only then can bring forth from it grain stalks, edible. Earth mixed with the dregs, to the ears of corn grew lush and beautiful.

Hence we learn that say "woman when conceive ..." - if people want to work for the purpose of unity with the Creator, the order of his spiritual work must be such that there has to be conceived in its "feminine", which is called the will to receive for himself . This means that he has to "throw" to the land of their desire to receive for itself, then it is decomposed to there and turned into ashes. And as far as a person increases the amount of waste (ie, trying to understand and feel that his selfish desire to be disgusting to him as scum), as he tries to see his baseness of selfishness, so he wants to make this egoistic desire decayed and rotted.

And this is called "woman when conceive ...", ie "Feminine" in man, which is the desire to receive for himself, he buries in the ground, so it is there decomposed and rotted. And then, because of this, "giving birth to her son," ie, altruistic desires, by which a man tries to destroy his ego, and then receives a desire to give everything to the Creator.

But if the "male to inseminate first, then a daughter ..". This means that the beginning of human spiritual work will consist in the fact that at first wanted to bury his altruistic, "male" principle, which is the root of its correction as a result of the connection properties of rigor and mercy, then "a daughter" - the properties of Malchut. A property of mercy, being "masculine" disappears, and there is then a man forces commit altruistic acts. But what is spiritual in the inability to altruism and selfishness accumulation?

The fact that everything in the universe serve the purpose of the greater good. Even the so-called Evil (secret which in its absence). Get this: The more selfish a person, the more work he was awarded for purification do. By the way, awarded, and to cleanse have the same root - "Zach" ...

2. Also in Chapter tazria that unclean leprosy (Tsaraat disease) should remain outside the three mills. This provides a great hint of filth of this world. Three camp point to the spiritual worlds (Atsilyut, Beria, Yetzira), and impurity alludes to the lower world of Assiya, to be exact - at the world, which is a "lower level", in which light is not, and so-so light and where it remains only to believe in the goodness of the Creator.