And Pharaoh brought himself (he approached); and the children of Israel lifted their eyes, and that Mitzrayim is moving behind them, and they feared greatly, and loudly cried out the children of Israel to the Lord (Exodus 14:10).

It turns out that Pharaoh brought Israel to conversion to the Creator.

The most terrible, the most "secure" the mystery of evil, lies in its absence. That is, everything in the universe serves one purpose - the purpose of creation is the fact that the created enjoy altruistic way. Not for himself.

And anyone, even the most disgusting act or the dirtiest thing in our everyday view - brings the total correction, though, and may delay the correction quotient. And this is what I have repeatedly wrote in their journals on the works of Baal aSulyama. In this regard, consider two examples.

Why the need for Galut (scattering in the spiritual sense, which is the prototype of a physical scattering) prestavlyayuschie of itself a measure of egoism? The fact that knowledge relates to the preparation (ie egoism). And it is very much appreciated in our world. A vera (Knowledge above) relates to a recoil and altruism. Therefore, it is despicable in the eyes of our selfish. In fact, our society admires people who know and believers seem to him a sort of narrow-minded simpletons. But the highlight is that do not be Galut and selfishness - so how would we then went out? What would we correct, if we had not spoiled the category? But it certainly does not mean that we should intentionally cause damage. Corruption is the prerogative of the Creator and Creation left Correction function.

2. There is much talk about the opposition between science and religion. But as it is said "one against the other God has made." Each purity as opposed to an equal and uncleanness. Otherwise, how it would be provided the illusion of freedom of choice? How would we then enjoyed gratuitous bread? And type deserve ..

So when changing the power of purity and holiness, similar changes and the strength of the sewage to the balance maintained!

We said above that knowledge refers to selfishness, and Vera to return. This shows that religion and science have always gone hand in hand. In ancient times, did not reveal the inner meaning of the Torah to the masses, but the science was primitive. But in modern times began to reveal the concealment of the Torah to the masses. In parallel with this science and demonstrates remarkable progress. And do not be disclosing force of one of these "antipodes", the second would not have developed.