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One of the most important themes in Judaism, is the theme of enlightenment - both below and above.

It is written in the name of the Creator: I created the evil inclination, and I created a seasoning for him "This can be translated." I created egoism and I created the Torah for its correction, "ie the execution of the Torah a person can bring themselves to the goal of creation. to merge with the Creator, to the highest eternal pleasure.

It should be noted that the root of all created this desire to receive. That same "something from nothing" (Yesh Mi Ain), which is not inherent in the Creator - all because he has (so what He want?) And neotkogo receive (after the Ein od milvado - nothing / nobody but Him).

Another thing people. If he feels the lack of something (ie, wants to get a shortage), it is in a different desire of the Creator, and therefore the extent of this difference is remote from the Creator. And even if he fills his desire, and cease to be distinct from the Creator that is suffering from a lack of something, but because it was, and the Creator gave it still remains distant from the Creator.

There is a great Chassidic dictum stating that if you break your bad start, then will you have two bad start. In other words, selfishness, the desire to receive for its own sake - it is necessary to correct, not to kill. And in this way the only solution is the observance of the Torah and the Commandments *.

But what is it? Fulfillment of Torah involves two parts:

1) proper Torah study and observance of the commandments;

2) the acquisition of right intention, ie, for what people vypolnenyaet Torah and commandments. The right is the intention "for the Creator", not for the sake of wealth itself;

The first part refers to Creation and is the result of Awakening underneath. But do not think that everything will happen automatically. Initially you need to understand their situation, their remoteness from the Creator, and be willing to change the situation, and of course ask the Creator for help. Otherwise, the Torah like yeast - inflate the ego to epic proportions, becoming instead the elixir of life, the poison of spiritual death **.

The second refers to the Creator, as the Awakening from Above. After all, only he can "switch" to the human selfishness to altruism. It is said that He gives the Living Heart (Leo aBasar) instead of the stony heart (Lev Avon). And again he saith: "Who does the Commandments, and goes by the Creator ...". Added "... goes by the Creator ..." is for those already who keep the commandments, you must specify that it is not enough, but must we let all your thoughts and prayers for a just altruistic intentions.

And then people will find similar to the Creator on both sides:

1) because it gets the pleasure, that is no longer the bearer of a lack (lack of pleasure), and this is similar to the Creator;

2) because getting it "for the sake of the Creator", it does not receive, and return in the same way as the Creator does.


* But what about non-religious people? Is among them can not be altruistic and righteous? Maybe with a few variations:

- altruists "by nature", already born with this quality;

- yudofily among the peoples of the world who do good deeds (and desirable to observe 7 Noahide Laws);

- secular people, adherents of humanistic world who are interested in spiritual development paths. They have a good chance of Awakening. However, all of course in the hands of Heaven;

** so you can often see that religious people are less on their personal qualities than secular.