The Cabal

What does the word Kabbalah? In Hebrew it is received. But how can this be if the entire Kabbalistic wisdom asserts the necessity of a return? The fact that the term Kabbalah is meant for production of higher Light that can only be altruistic.

What is suffering? This lack of something. This is something that runs counter to the desire of our ego.

And when we like to do something, when everything goes easily and naturally, with a sense of enthusiasm - so like what is happening to our ego and nourishes it.

Even the study of Torah and observance of the commandments can be poison and in a certain sense be harmful. If this is all we do for ourselves (ie, for the sake of his ego). In an effort to get a reward or whether to go to heaven. Hoping to avoid punishment or experiencing the joy of learning. All this delights our ego and works for sewage worlds.

Therefore, when all the "smooth and even" - it is an occasion to think about.