for wisdom

Why Light of Creation Goals called Ohr Hochma, which means Light of Wisdom?

I have to say - it has nothing to do with the wisdom of understanding in her everyday life (ie, intellectual development). So what's the deal?

But the fact that (the) Wise - ahaha in Hebrew, is one of the epithets of the Creator. And Wisdom is the proximity with him for qualities. But about what qualities do you mean?

What do we know about the manifestation of respect to us, Gd, in His incarnation of the Creator? He is an altruist and that those wishing to enjoy the created. And in theory, we need to be like this, but that's what a "bad luck" - want us to delight and enjoyment of all means to obtain! Nonsense? Not at all. Receiving altruistic pleasure it is not deemed to be received, because it is based on the desire to give. Imagine that you are making a gift to someone very near and dear. You want to make it nice and you feel pleasure from the fact that your gift recipient is pleasant. So it is here, with the difference that the Creator does not need anything from us. He and so everything is there.

Summarize. Light purpose of creation (aka Light of Wisdom) is a delight returns, the correct receipt. As a return, we become like the Creator, referred to as the Wise, and therefore we find that the highest wisdom (even if we had abandoned it at school and university did not finish). And also to give all that pleasure, we fulfill His will (that is, to create enjoyed). Here's a double Wisdom ...