Note based on a recent high-profile discussion held in the Internet circles close to the study of Kabbalah.

1. To start quoting the text.

Wrote about it Rabbeinu Chaim Vital in Sha'ar aGilgulim (Gate of reincarnations): "Reincarnation is just waiting for the men, women also occasionally come back - usually with them that does not happen." This is also written Hid "a, referring to Moshe Zakutto" Gilgul - for men, women receive their reward in the future; however, sometimes a woman can transform - for the sake of her husband, the secret of such a transformation is encrypted in a sentence: "leaves his wife with him" ( Mishpatim, 21: 3.) And the words "all the male is universal" means that women (...) again in this world do not come.

2. At the beginning of clarifications need to say that there is not a single word about the material men and women. Rabbi Chaim Vital says only about spiritual processes.

3. Men Kabbalah calls the person who is in the giving (or receiving for the Creator, which is equal impact). A woman - who is in Preparation for themselves, to a greater or lesser extent.

4. Thus amended the righteous man is in the spiritual sense, and all uncorrected - Women.

5. There is a big difference between the cycle of Souls (Gilgul Neshamot) and Krugovotom records (Reshimot). Full Partzuf (soul) is only for the righteous (men in the spiritual). Figuratively we can say that these Partsufin and reincarnated as teachers. From this we conclude that "men are returning."

6. But the unpatched (Women in the spiritual sense) no full-fledged Soul. Therefore, even nothing back.

7. Revised righteous already feels his presence in Ein Sof, and uncorrected for these sensations is yet to come. Therefore, it is said that women receive their reward in the future.

7. But there is a difficulty. What is the Reshimot? It's all uncorrected, to be doispravleno then. It seemed to go the other way around - Women returned and Men - why would he come back, because he has no job in the world. And if they come back - only if there is a new role for them *.

8. However, let me remind you that we are talking about Partsufin - that is, full soul, which is the only man on the stage. A woman on the stage still nothing back. However, work on the woman steps need to rise to the level of men. Therefore it is said that "sometimes the woman for her husband reincarnated."

9. And one more explanation of the words "for the sake of her husband reincarnated." My husband called the light sources (and the World), and Wife - net vessel (the pure desire to receive the Light for the sake of the Creator). Light but without the Vessel is the "thing in itself" does not exist for us, beyond our comprehension. Therefore, in order to manifest the divine light in all its grandeur, need a clean vessel (wife).

10. And do not defile the Kabbalistic wisdom of primitive materializovanymi "interpretations".


* Such as the role of teachers. So, for example, the patriarch Abraham was constantly looking for a new job and a new spiritual.