Blind and deaf

It is written by the prophet Yeshayahu: Bring out the blind people who have eyes, and the deaf that have ears. "

According to the usual perception of our material things, the concept of blindness and deafness are the stamp of inferiority, clearly having a negative connotation. Especially if the person himself has led to a state of deaf or blind - it is condemned as self-mutilation (if taken literally), or as the inertia and stupidity (if we are talking about an allegorical perception of words).

But it is not so in the world of spiritual concepts that mirror image opposite to Our material world perception.

The essence of the Faith above reason, which opens the gates of Infinity (the principle of equivalence of faith can also be infinite), is to believe in the good management of the Creator, in spite of the Occultation - that is, that the "picture" of the world, appeared before our eyes, as if shouting to the contrary.

Said on behalf of the Creator of the following - "Who is blind, but my servant? Or deaf, as my angel." That is going to the Creator himself said: "their eyes but do not see, ears but can not hear them." But who are "they"? We are here to doubts about the evil thoughts against the spiritual work of the "speeches" This World and so forth. In other words, to stay on the path of faith above reason, it is necessary to make yourself deaf and blind to the "objections" of material reality.