(On the weekly chapter of Korach. After the book Schlawe Sulyam)

What is the dispute in the Name of Heaven? This dispute Hillel and Shammai. What is the dispute is not in the name of heaven? This dispute of Korach and his entire community "(Tractate Avot 5:20) In a simple sense, the debate in the name of Heaven -. Aims to establish the truth And dispute not for the sake of Heaven -. To satisfy the ambitions of the disputants, but what is hidden behind it.?

The Zohar says: "In the Name of Heaven - that means ZA (the middle line)." Comment "Sulam" explains:. "The dispute of Shammai and Hillel - a dispute between the left and right lines as in a right line is not perfect, because there is no light in it Hochma (Light of Creation Goals), and the left line is not perfect, despite the presence of the Light of Hochma. But it is not the Light of Hassadim (Light of Correction), which is the garment of light of the objective, without which the light of the objective can not shine.

Such dispute, in which each of the lines shows that there is no perfection, and that in the other line there is a deficiency, leads to the fact that the two lines are combined with one another and there is a third - middle line. It was he who is perfect, referred to as "the sake of Heaven."

But as Korach and his congregation would only stay in the left line and have only light of the objective, without the light of Fa. And so befell them such a fate - Partition *, which is figuratively described as falling through the ground ** *** ..


* Breaking of the vessels - receive light of the objective motivation for themselves. Also it called Death - as it says in the Book of Genesis of the kings of Edom, who died;

** As stated on the breaking of the vessels in the Introduction to the wisdom of Kabbalah: and fell and died;

*** Under the earth - the earth (eretz) from the word desire (Ratzon). That is, they fell and broke, and died of his egoistic desire.