One for all and all for one

Our sages have argued that the great principle of the Torah - "Love your neighbor as yourself," and everything else is preparing for this. The principle of it is encrypted in the gematria of the word Torah, which is 611. But while the Torah contains 613 commandments. Baal Azul explains: running the 611 mitzvot for the sake of Heaven, winning the 612-th - the dread of Heaven. And already then the resultant entire Torah - 613th commandment of love.

But what is love? We have repeatedly talked about it, saying that Love is altruistic feeling, supported by the practice of caring for the neighbor, since taking care of himself.

On the example of a Jewish slave laws, we see that if there is one from Mr. B, I must give it to the servant.

Baal Azul puts and solves a serious kushiyu (difficulty) of all this: Life is not easy, we do not always have time to provide themselves, so how can we ensure that more and others? Did the Creator requires us to the impossible?

Of course not. All the matter in the principles of a righteous society - the Torah. When one is embedded in the overall well-being (ie as if taking care of all), it can not completely take care of their private needs! After all, the whole nation cares about them ..