(Based on the book Schlawe Sulyam. On the topic of Sidra Chukat)

In the holy Zohar (26:78) says: "Whoever wants to awaken the higher worlds act or speech, not awaken anything if it were an action or unworthy People go to the house of prayer, in order to awaken the higher worlds, but not everyone knows. how to do the Creator is near to those who know how to cry out to Him, and remote from those to whom it is not conducted as it is written... is near the Creator of all true calling him is true - means that they know how to awaken truth.

And if so, what should a person do to learn how to appeal to the Creator is true and become closer to Him? Says the holy book "Zohar" that we need to know, if only we could then try to come to this convergence: the truth - that the only knowledge, and the one who truly appeals to the Creator, the only one close to him. In the spiritual intimacy is not determined by years, not kilometers, and the similarity of the properties. The Creator created man with a will to receive (ie egoism), and is the only desire that exists in it (in person). This selfishness is the source of all the low passions that exist in the world - everything comes from him. It turns out that the Creator created man in perfect meanness, and if a person is proud of saying that he did not like everything, he is lying, and truth does not tolerate lies.

But what is this truth? Our sages said (as if the name of the Creator): Anyone who prides himself, can not exist in the same place and I.

Therefore, if a person came to the house of prayer in order to seek the Creator, that He had heard his prayer, believing that he deserved to the Creator spoke to him and gave him more than others, because they say it he should from the Creator more than anyone else any other (even if the request for the spiritual), it is still the man away from the Creator, as a lie from the truth. And such a man is not to know how to appeal to the Creator and to seek the truth, because his request is based on a lie.

But if a man come to pray to the Creator, saying: "I You have to help more than others, because no one needs your help as I am, because they are better and fixes and cleaner me and not as I wallowed in my self-interest A. I see and understand that need your help more than all of these people, because I feel my depravity and meanness, and therefore removed I from you more than others therefore came in obedience to this feeling, as it is written. and there is none beside thee , King, rescues and rescues another from us.

So please this man is a true * and based on the truth, and therefore the Creator, as it were, "agrees" to take it. And it says in the Torah (Leviticus 16:16) - I, the Creator, I am with you in your uncleanness ... That is despite the fact that they are immersed in their selfishness, which is the source of all impure desires. But as a request that the person is true, then the Creator is close to it, because the truth is in the likeness of the Truth, and the similarity of the properties means intimacy.

You could even say that people should not have to learn anything special, but just need to try to go on the right path - the path of similarity to the Creator. From this is born his real prayer - that is, the prayer of a necessity rather than an unnecessarily. It was said that "the Creator saves the soul from death, reviving their hunger," ie, giving the feeling of a lack of spiritual life. Otherwise, how to awaken a desire, but a lack of? After all, does not want to have fed ..


* Not enough simply to say - it is important to feel. After all, if the words coming from the heart, do not correspond to the words coming from the mouth, it is still a lie ..