About low self-esteem

Many people make the conceptual mistake of thinking that the thesis of "love a neighbor as thyself" implies that you must first love yourself exactly. And they say do not love yourself, how to love others? After all, there is no example for such love ..

But this approach is not entirely correct.

First of all, to love and to please ourselves, we know how to birth. This is our egoistic nature - to bring themselves as much pleasure and avoid suffering. Therefore, "love others as yourself" oznachat do altruistic nature. As selfishness is it from our birth.

Secondly, if we think that we do not love ourselves and Neuvazliayev (low self-esteem), it is one of the manifestations of dissatisfaction of our ego. When we do something for others, hoping for a reward, but not getting it. That is, this is the best stage of the Exchange, which has nothing to do with love and altruism.