Ashes to ashes

Thanks to the additional emission of Shabbat, at the worlds going on, two lifting *: first - the "five o'clock" on the eve of Shabbat, when Adam haRishon was created, because then begins to shine extra glow Shabat, within the meaning hey letters in the phrase "Yom haShishi" (the sixth day ) Bereyshit 1:31.

The second ascent takes place on the eve of Shabbat, at dusk, because due to the additional emission of Shabbat, the lower worlds, as it were drawn into the world of Correction (Atsilyut). And the rise of the Sabbath in the language of our sages, called "extra soul". It takes everyone, without exception, but he gets it not for his work, but because of "the essence of the day."

In Motsey Shabbat (at the end of the Sabbath) comes worlds fall and they return to their normal position.

This correlated with an event partition of the First Adam soul. Our sages say that he was born circumcision (without the foreskin). This means that it was not inherent in Behina Dalet - the fourth ***, the most powerful stage of desire to receive. But he "pulled the foreskin" - that is gained by Behina Dalet "transgressions."

The outer body is immaterial **** The first Adam is called the dust of the earth (literally the dust of the earth), as it is written: "And the L-rd Gd of human dust of the earth" (Bereyshit 2, 7). Ashes is Malchut, and the earth - is Bina. Those. its Guf (body - getting light) consisted of Malchut that rose to Bina. Or rather, from Malchut of Partzuf Malchut of Assiya rose to Bina of Partzuf Malchut. its Gough was created out of this stage (and does not refer to the material body).

Then he gained stage Nefesh and Ruach, called Gough haPnimi (which means the inner body) of the worlds Yetzira and Asia. And then he found a degree of Neshama from the world of Beria. And then he found a stage Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama world Atzilut fixes using lifts.

But having made the so-called sin, he descended to the worlds Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya. His material body, the former "dust of the earth," ie, consisting of Bina deMalhut; returned to Malchut, it is written, "Dust you are and to dust you will return" (Bereyshit 3, 19). And it was lost to them all that he found in the worlds Atzilut and Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya, but stayed with him Nekudat aKeter (Crown Point) and the smallest in the glow of her.


* Wake up worlds - this convergence of properties with higher constructions, a certain spiritual "lift". In fact Wake up anymore, but here we are talking about a generalized scheme;

** Gematria of the letter Hei is 5, which hints at both the upper stage, and the "5-th hour";

*** It is said - "and the fourth generation of the exiles will return here", which means "correcting four degrees of desire to receive" return to the state corrections;

**** There are only three spiritual body.