(Based on the book Schlawe Sulyam. Weekly reading at the head Pinchas)

Word Ilem (mute) and the word Male (full) consist of the same letters - Aleph, Lamed, Mem. Only the order of the letters varies. What connection?

Consider the correlations between the states "Mute" and "Full (vessel)", which is filled with Creator Light can draw an analogy with human germ -. Ibur (also denoted Ibur word and spirit oprelelennaya stage not associated with the physiology).

So, Bud, being in the womb, as it were canceled before it, just as a candle before a torch canceled. In the embryos have no voice - he has it. He eats everything that eats his mother. And he still is - he has no shortage of anything.

Exactly the same happens with the man himself before canceling the Creator ...



As our sages Tselofhad is the man who was collecting firewood on the Sabbath and was executed for it. He accomplished the feat, showing in practice as the law is implemented. His five daughters, later successfully "sued" to Moses for the right to inherit his father's allotment.

And what is the inner meaning of this midrash? What kind of wood?

Wood, who collected Tselofhad hint at the Tree of Life (Etz Chaim) and the Tree of Knowledge (Etz Daath). Here they then "weighed" Tselofhad - deciding which way to go - By Faith above reason, or by egoism (ie, reason and logic).