Undetermined RECREATION

Enjoying the pleasure alike. So much so that sometimes can become a poison ..

Take for example commanded enjoy Sabbath rest. It would seem that there is not clear? Wine, festive food, sleep, chat with family and friends, learning the words of the Torah ..

But no - it's not that simple. The fact that the holiday stuff by definition they are superfluous - that is, those without which you can do. You can do without wine and gourmet food? Sure. You can sleep a minimum necessities of life the number of hours and no more? No problem! Even without words of Torah can be dispensed in saline, the animal aspect. A pleasure overkill - it's the antithesis of holiness. This video and work on your ego. Distancing from the Creator ..

So what He wants from us, zapoveduya enjoy the Sabbath? Really, what we drifted?

Of course not. Just need a "aerobatics" - when enjoying the fact that fulfill the wish of the Creator.

All the rest "of the evil one", as they say in the subsidiary denominations and water to the mill of the inhabitants, and which not lift a finger if you do not see the benefits for themselves.