DO NOT choose different ...

We have already talked about the illusory nature of freedom of choice, the only reason for the creation of which is the need for visibility efforts. Otherwise there would be a shame for the undeserved receipt, would poison the final pleasure. Today, let us consider one more aspect of this topic. But first, I would like to stress that at times the sages spoke to the masses about the presence of freedom of choice, only to those not had a ball and not fall into fatalism. Each should speak in their own language.

Our Aviut (Column letters -. Ie ego) requires it to attach importance. Including in the "decision-making". Therefore, this topic always causes a lot of disputes. But it is not important.

The root of the human (and all creation) is the desire to receive for oneself (egoism). This is the creation out of nothing - ex-nihile, Yesh miAyn. I think there is no point in returning to the definitions are now - we discussed them a dozen times.

Every branch should be the nature of their roots. If the root is selfishness, the branches are obliged to do everything for themselves. Even to give to their own advantage. Such desires are called "nations of the world." It is written in the Zohar - "Their compassion -. All sin is that they (the people of the world) do, they do for themselves." And yet, our egoistic nature is called Leo Avon - a heart of stone.

But at the same time, the human soul is divine. Soul and Gd - they are like a stone and the rock from which the stone, chipped. And what is chipped off? The desire to receive for its own sake. But their "stuff" is the same.

And when a person is passed through all the necessary corrections, it becomes the "second nature". Divine (Lev Basar - Heart Live) - tends to carry the good without seeking benefits for themselves. And here again the branch should be its root, without the slightest benefit from leads "select" other ..