The Hebrew word emunah combines a number of meanings. This faith and trust and loyalty. In theory, it sounds easy, but how to feel "hands" like to feel what it is?

Here is an example of life. The situation in which turned out to probably everyone who consider themselves religious. Let's say you come home tired after work wildly hungry, angry. Want a quick shove food in your mouth, wash and sleep crumble. But then there's the evening prayer, the washing of hands, the blessing before meals and after ..

Terribly reluctant. In the end - It is not enough for us to mentally thank him? And if suddenly you drop from exhaustion?

And as if we did not think that we believe in God, such sensations are talking about the absence of quality emunah - faith, trust, loyalty. It mountains that stand in our way - Harim (Mountain) is Irurim (disputes, objections).

And what feelings are accompanied by a complete emunah? Yes here it is: the Creator knows best what is good for my spiritual development, and so it is commanded to do so-and-so is. And why worry if it all for me. We commit traffic only achieve peace - this is normal. And to him he does not need anything from me. And do not give him over the measure, which I can perform. And even if you drop in - then it should be to correct. At the dentist it is sometimes painful - but not for pain and to heal ..

Dreams? While yes, but hopefully it will turn into profit.

PS. Mountains also not themselves get in the way. We put them there. And again for our benefit.