fall of man

It is well known biblical (ie toranichesky) the story of the Fall of the first man. This "story" of one of the first to be found in the Book of Books, immediately after the story of the creation of the world.

But we have repeatedly held that the text of the Torah can not be taken literally. Torah - a code that hides the complexity of spiritual processes. Why are there processes! Creator himself hid himself in the Torah by those who seek Him.

The story of Adam and Eve (or rather Adam and Chava) is no exception. It is written in the 66th Psalm, David - "Come and behold the acts of Gd, scary thing to the children of men." And it's "Nora Alila al Bnei Adam" is translated as "a terrible slander on the children of men."

The thing is that all the acts commits the Creator Himself. Even those that we (his earthly material logic) is considered bad. But they are not bad - they can be compared with the boron-machine dentist drilled a tooth for its cure.

The Creator created the universe, and he made him damage. This is done to ensure that we had a job to remedy. Otherwise we would have received "free", which would have poisoned our ultimate pleasure that the Creator has prepared for us.

Such damage is, at all levels. At the level of the Worlds - a breaking of the vessels. Shower at the level of this "sin of Adam." There are also personal failure for each of us. But back to Adam and Chava.

Of course, no one then did not eat apples and with any creeping reptiles did not speak. In general, this story did not happen in the material world, but only in the spiritual realm.

Adam and Eve - men and women who sacrificed the quality and the quality of preparation. This design is the language of Kabbalah is called the LP "N -.. ZA (Small Face) and female (the Sefira Malchut) Light and vessel, image and likeness of God, in which man was created It is understood that" God "is not entirely accurate term. The essence of Gd is incomprehensible, but comprehended His manifestations relative to us so, Elo-kim Tselem (the image of God.) - in this case, it is manifested in the form structures LP "H uprmyanutoy above us.

Now, about the reptiles creeping. Serpent calls our ego. C. Adam male i.e. with altruistic giving quality, it is not about "talking" - they are opposite and they have no intersection. But with the "female" receiving alter ego is the intersection point. After Ego also wants to get! The only difference is that the revised "woman" is a reception for the Creator, and uncorrected - to provide for themselves. At this the serpent and played.

In our history, the two trees are mentioned. Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil - is the path of logic and reason, which is known to be selfish. And the Tree of Life - the way of faith, altruism. Adam had the right intention - to correct reason and logic ( "sest from the Tree of Knowledge"), but was not strong enough to overcome the force. Therefore, the light received for himself and "crashed" or as expressed in the Torah, was expelled from the Garden of Eden.

Well, we all - the pieces of his soul, which eventually (as patches) will meet again in a spiritual structure. After all together may be only those who are equal in quality. These may only be corrected "fragments", as spoiled everything differently.


Correct themselves begin with the simplest things and properties. Therefore it is said - "will strike the serpent's head", where the "head" is nachaltnaya stage of the process. But ego - snakes, evil inclination "reeks of us in the heel", provoking enjoy the satisfaction of the most powerful ( "low") desires, which are the "spiritual card" located at the bottom of the "body" of the Partzuf (our spiritual structure).