Straighten your legs ...

The Zohar (Chapter Veethanan,) said: "Whoever recites the prayer should straighten your legs (...), just who is the face of the King." And according Galaha, prayer (Amide) pronounced standing.

Now we understand our sages said, that the people in prayer should straighten the legs. The word "leg" (Raglan) in Hebrew come from the same root as the word "scouts" (meraglim), which are written in the Torah that they urged the people of Israel did not make an effort to enter Eretz Yisrael. There are many explanations of their motives, but here we will look at two of them, located on the Kabbalistic level.

1. What can benefit human egoism, if he goes on the path only to the King (the Land of Israel - it is Ratzon Yashar Lehel - Desire straight to the Creator)? If there is an effort, working for the sake of the Creator, the desire to receive will not win, but only lose. Only the desire to give to win. And what will happen to the desire to receive, because it is the basis of creation (the act of creation goal is to create received)?

2. Even if we say that should still work for the Creator, because it brings a person great pleasure, then, of course, not everyone is capable of it. And of course, this requires special conditions, and that for people born with great ability and a brave heart, which can overcome all the obstacles encountered on the way to the spiritual.

But we, the ordinary people, enough to be on par with the rest of the people, and there is no need to look for stage, higher than all. And I should not be an exception and only me, if I can perform the Torah and the Commandments without intent.

(Do not you think that most of today's "leaders" and have "scouts" slandered the Land of Israel? And there are many who pulls the story of the Torah on what that political events and ideology).

In response to the words Meraglim need to "straighten the legs" during the time of prayer. That is, people have to say that the "Scouts" show him that way, from which they dissuade him (she's that way about which only a handful of people say that it is necessary for her to go), that only this way is true, and no any other way.

It remains to clarify how prayer is related to the "rectification feet" - that is, with the intention to go the right way? And here is the link - you need to ask about the desire to go the right way, but to ask about something, we must first experience the lack of this. In this case, feel their remoteness from the Creator.