Judges and overseers

(Based on maamar aSulyama Baal. Read on Weekly Shoftim)

It is written in the Torah, in chapter Shoftim: "Judges and officers set thee in all thy gates, which the Creator has given you ...". And it requires a detailed clarifications.

Who are the judges? This is an effort restrictions. A person should be divided between good and evil, dare to follow the paths of good and pulled away from the way of evil. This occurs against the desires of the body (egoism).

Reeves. After a person has made a work plan, he should put it into practice. These actions are called Reeves.

Since we are talking about a lot of efforts and actions, it is said in the plural - "judges and overseers."

And as the spiritual work is concerned with each of us, he said, "put yourself".

Within thy gates - there are two "gates", because if you do not specify the exact number, it is interpreted as the lesser of multiple numbers - there are two. These gates - spiritual and material worlds.

Which the Creator has given you - you should always keep in mind that everything from the Creator, and even the fall of man.


And there is a word explanation Gate Reeves.

The gates of the prison, which is this world. And Reeves is the selfish desires that do not allow the person to leave the prison.

The gates of the spiritual world. There Reeves - guards performs the reverse operation. That is, do not allow to enter unprepared. This is including the thought 'this is not for you, not for ordinary people, but for the elect thou do all the -. Simply observe the Torah (to yourself), and you will be rewarded. " But the one who has matured, something to overcome the barrier of guards, who will be able to enter into the King's palace - in the spiritual world.