One of prescribing the commandments of the Torah - to blow the Shofar horn winding during Rosh Hashanah.

There are three types of the sounding.

1. Tkiya - drawl sounding of

2. Troyes - intermittent sounding of

3. Shvarev - often the blowing-intermittent.

The series begins and ends with Tkiya and Troyes and Shvarev go in the middle ..

Root Tkiya - Hassadim, mercy, right line. Troyes root and Shvarev - Courts. Gevura, left line in ZA and Malchut. Thus, the proper sounding of the shofar is "scheme" blocking Mercy Ships. Rosh Hashanah - the day of judgment, so this day is necessary to blow the Shofar and listen.

In this sense, the sounding of the shofar reminds Akedat Yitzhak (binding of Isaac) - when the right line (Abraham) connects the left line (Isaac), but does not destroy it (by "literally" the text of the Torah - is not sacrificed).