The city of Nahariya has many years of history. To learn about it in the best way, it is recommended to visit the archeological sites in the city – and it is a fascinating experience!

On a tour of the archeological sites of Nahariya, you will see the remains of a temple from the Middle Bronze and Late Bronze Ages. Tel Nahariya – with the remains of a wall and fortress from the Middle Bronze Age to the Hellenistic period. ‘Sorsok Blessing’ – Remains of a canal from the Byzantine period. The Byzantine church – a church with an impressive mosaic, testifies to an ancient settlement, and you can even see the remains of the Roman road from Antioch to Acre – paved in 56 AD!

The archeological sites are spread throughout the city; it is recommended to reach them by private car and walk in the morning or afternoon – when it is not very hot.