Heaven and Hell. Here and now.

In the world you do not find at least one book written by the deceased. Therefore, the sacred books written comprehension lifetime Baalei Asagi (to comprehend the spiritual world - that is, different levels of perception of the Light of the Creator). Including categories such as Heaven and Hell.

We often say the word - light vessel and so on. But what is it? The vessel is the desire and the Light - pleasure from the performance of this desire.

Therefore paradise - a state of delight from the fulfillment of all desires. And to be precise - of all the desire to receive, not for himself.

And Hell (or rather Purgatory - Geinom in Hebrew) is suffering from unfulfilled desires. What? The desire to receive for its own sake.

Perform them completely impossible - so this world ruled by selfishness is Purgatory. Here are suffering from an unfilled desires and in addition to that - from the effort of trying to fill them.

But this is not the final Hell (which is not) *, namely a temporary fix place - ie, Purgatory. It is suffering in it, forcing us to abandon the root of all evil - self-centered.


* Moreover, the final blood pressure (such as he is the Christians are) simply can not exist. And it is easy to understand. After all, the Creator wants to delight ALL your creations, therefore He loves them all. So how can He be placed at least one soul in eternal torment? Then - the Creator is absolute justice, but perhaps justly condemn to eternal torment, the man who has sinned a couple of decades? Finally, all made only one Creator, so why would he punish Creation?