There is no absence in the spiritual

One of the most important Kabbalistic principles states: Ein Eder BE-ruhaniyut (there is no absence in the spiritual). If a certain spiritual level is changing, the "source" remains eternally intact, but there is added, and a new stage in view of the changes.

When Rabbi Gottlieb announced it is one of the lessons of "the doctrine of the Ten Sefirot," then I followed a question from the audience. It sounded like this: if there is no absence in the spiritual, then stay forever and spiritual downfall? Well, it is logical. But let's see how Rabbi Gottlieb said. He addressed the issue from both sides and gave two answers.

1. There is a very lofty souls of the righteous, who made a full correction, want to continue to serve and not to "go on a holiday." Therefore, they retained a certain volume of work to rectify and it is provided by the "fall" etched in eternity. As an example can serve as Abraham. Or Baalei Asagi, fully corrected, which is not removed from this world at the end of their work, and are they still work. Such as Masters.

2. Spiritual considered a quality return. A material - Preparation of (to itself). Falling from a spiritual level this fall in materiality, in obtaining for himself. That is, the fall does not refer to the spiritual and the material. A material sentenced to extinction in the moment of its creation. That is, the term "spiritual fall" is incorrect and does not belong to the category of the eternal.