The word chutzpah means insolence of the Hebrew language. Notorious expression of chutzpah Israel (Israeli chutzpah) characterizes the style of behavior of some Israelis. Let's look at this word a little more.

If you break it down by syllables, you get two options for perusal.

1. On Huts - External Here. External name egoism, ie, all that must be corrected. Chutzpah where selfishness.

2. Huts Paix - outside the mouth. "Mouth" is the part of the spiritual process, in which the calculation of the amount of light that can be obtained for the sake of the Creator, and the rest to tear. That is "out of his mouth," it is that it is impossible to obtain a non-egoistic. And audacity, as well as all the vices is a derivative of the desire to receive for its own sake (or selfishness, to put it in modern terms).

And now a little "play" in gematria. Gematria of the word chutzpah - 189, is the same as the word Akeda (עקידה) - "imposition of fetters binding Chutzpah is that it is necessary to bind and then ... gematria of the word Israel (ישראל) -.. 541. If you take away from Israel chutzpah ( 541 minus 189), it will be 352. This is the gematria of words Corban (victim), macro (sacrifices) and most importantly -. Ratzon (His desire - ie zhnlanie Creator) and veShmo - "and His Name . "that is the desire of the Creator to Israel linked his chutzpah and brought it to the victim.