(Based on utroka r.Gotliba. Exodus Chapter (s))

Said Thor (Ex 1: 5-8):

"... And it was all the souls that came out of the loins of Yaakova seventy souls (...). And Joseph died, and all his brothers and all that generation. And the children of Israel and voskisheli bred (in a variety of his), and multiplied, and strengthened a very, very, and the earth was filled (Mizraim) them. "


- 70 souls of Israel - 70 qualities of holiness against 70 faces uncleanness, referred to as "the 70th of the World";

- descended from the loins of Jacob. Jacob corrected Behina (degree), damaged angel Esau and from it there were 70 steps purity;

- Joseph died, and all his righteous generation. When "dies" wise and righteous? When his disciples do not cancel themselves in front of a teacher, and he ceases to be a Rav in their eyes;

- and then "the sons of Israel and voskisheli bred (in a variety of his), and multiplied and strengthened very, very, and the earth was filled (Mizraim) them." Eating 5 verbs: Fruit voskisheli, multiplied, strengthened, filled (of the earth). 5 actions hint at 5 steps. When, in the eyes of Israel Yosef died, then they have spread selfish ( "Egyptian") desires (Land - Land is an indication of the desire - Ratzon) on all 5 stages. And then "I got a new king who did not know Joseph the righteous";

Continues Thor (Ex 1: 9-10):

"... And he said, (Pharaoh) to his people: This is the people of the sons of Israel, more and more of us Let's tricky (against) him - as if he did not multiplied, and will:. If there will be war, and he will join to our haters and will fight with us in and out of the country. "


What sanctity hates impurity (i.e., it is radically different from the properties) it is clear. But what other haters have selfishness? It's the other its various manifestations.

Then the Torah says (Exodus 1:22)

"... And he commanded Paro all his people, saying, Every son (new) -rozhdennogo Yeor cast into the river, and every daughter ye shall save alive."


Daughter is the desire to give in order to receive. Such actions bring a lot of "food" clip. Therefore, the uncleanness only "for" the existence and vitality of things.

Son - the desire to bestow in order to bestow, deadly for the Clips. Therefore Selfishness willing to kill those desires by throwing "in Yeor". Yeor from the word Ohr, Light. Altruistic desires can be "drowned" in "uncleanness light." River water alludes to the Torah. The Torah can become poison of spiritual death to a person, if to teach and carry it out of a job on the right intention. That is, if you follow the masses, who observe for the sake of reward or from fear of punishment ...

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