In pagan "gods" had no chance to exist. They are "one flesh to" invent their rights. And they are like him, enjoying the full range of human qualities - jealousy, anger, deceit, lust and so on. They, as well as people in need of assistance. The assistants - slaves, priests, accomplices, but at least in the partner ..

But it is impossible to imagine how we can invent something super-sensible, not imeeyuschee any definition, deliberately incomprehensible and besides, is not endowed with the qualities invented it.

There is no doubt that the God of Abraham simply could not have been invented. Because it would be against human nature ..

Strictly speaking, in the entire system of relations between the Creator and creation, you can select 4 (3) stage *.

1. God - totally incomprehensible, of which we know nothing and can not know. What is inconceivable can not be described, so then he does not have (to us), no definitions, scope, name;

2. Manifestations of God concerning creation. Such as Creator. These manifestations can and must perceive that there is pleasure. Or in other words - containers filled with Light. Creator himself, according to comprehend wants to carry good and not his usual desire to receive. For all he has, yes, and from whom receive?

3. Creation - the soul. Simply put everything that is created - it is the desire to receive. ** It even has a vessel or ex-nihile creation, Yesh mi Ain. And that it separates *** soul of their divine nature, like the ax that separates the rock from a cliff. Everything else - just variations of derivatives and the desire to receive.

4. Infinity or Ein Sof. "Place" contact God and Creation. And no there is no geometrical or temporal description, only quality - Lasting enjoyment Light.


* Baal Sulyam spoke of 3 stages, not sharing items about God and Creator. I just decided to detail;

** It should have been created, otherwise it should turn out that something is missing;

*** Separates - then make a qualitative difference.