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Egyptians afflict ivrim giving men women's work, men and women.

And it is not correct to say "izuryali" and "exhausting", because everything said in the Torah applies to every person and in every moment.

The Egyptians - a third-party selfish thoughts, aimed at to relieve a person from the path of the Creator.

Which means "men's work substitute on the female." When a person is ready to become a "man" in the spiritual sense - ie, work not only on the action, but also on the intention, it continues to teach as a "woman" and "child." Like, do not head in the clouds, just observe Halacha, teach Pshat ( "simple" meaning of the Torah), leave for the Inner Torah sages and great rabbis.

And what is "women's work substitute male"? This is when a person is difficult to comply with, the Ego sings him an old Egyptian song: the commandments is only an image, not necessarily comply with them physically, more importantly understand their meaning and so on.

It is easy to understand that in our day all of these advisers, the Egyptians nowhere to disappear. Furthermore, continue to actively advise on the right and the left.