It is believed that the reason given in order to reflect, make decisions and so on. And not as a "head-to-eaten". But a sense, it's the opposite. The left line is given to right began to rule with respect to it, not a thing in itself. And then the two lines can make the third - the average. Correction 3 lines - "Tikkun Gimel CAVIN". Decipher regarding intelligence -. It is given as the left line (mind it is always a question, clarify, birurim They are generated by the lack of something, as the saturation does not ask questions and the lack of something (or rather light, dressed in pleasure), referred to the courts. and the left line). He is the mind - given that Vera has proved itself as a right line (fullness, richness - because faith can be unconditional and boundless as the Ein Sof What can never be with Knowledge.). And then, if you have two lines and with the right to work with them, you can find the middle line - the purpose of correction.