Reality in the plan

Shu "T - Sheelot uTshuvot (Questions and Answers)

Ariza said "eh (Rabbi Yitzhak Luria Ashkenazi): You should know that before you were endowed with endowed and created the created, was the highest simple light fills all existence (the book Tree of Life - Etz Chaim).

Question 1.

What could be a reality, if it has not been created?

The answer is: the one that in the plan.

Question 2.

What is the Supreme Light and why it is a "simple"?

Answer one: the Supreme Light is all good, that there is the Creator. This is the pleasure that is destined to create. Also called Yesh miYesh - something of what is.

Answer Two: Simple means two things: - that there are no gradations (more or less) - that it is always unidirectional, always has one goal - to bring pleasure.

Question 3.

Who are the Endowed and creation?

The answer is: in Hebrew it is called Neetsalim and Nivraim. This is a reference to the worlds (sweep stages Universe chain - Seder Ishtalshelut) Atsilyut and Briah.

Question 4.

But why no mention of the form a (neetsarim) and make (Naas), there is still the worlds Yetzira and Assiya (Formation and Making)?

Answer: The time we are talking about the concept, it is called a step Head (Rosh) of the spiritual object or process. By Roche are steps Keter, HB. Relatively worlds chain is Adam Kadmon, Atsilyut and Beria. In Yetzirah and Asia are implementing ( "body"). Therefore, talking about ideas, it makes no sense to mention the fact that does not belong to him.

Question 5.

But if so, why Rav (ie Ari) does not speak about Adam Kadmon, because as we explained above, this is also part of the stage, Roche (Intention)?

Answer: The fact that we are concerned only that was the line leading to the creation of Souls. It is an offshoot of Bina of the world of Adam Kadmon (ie Partzuf SA "G - Sameh-Gimel, 63), through which the second cut and the breaking of the vessels, leading to the creation of the world Atsilyut, fix broken fact, the story begins with him and Shower Atsilyut it first. "starting" point of everything that directly concerns us.

Question 6.

Well, we found out about the reality and that is in the plan and about simple Light. Tell kokretno that in light naponyaet reality present in the plan.

Answer: The Creator is a desire to do much good for their creations, existing with Him before the act of creation. Further, in the text book, Rav says this Infinite Light - Ohr Ein Sof. Ein Sof is no limit. There is no limit to what? Pleasure that given by established and accepted by them for the sake of the Giver of it.