SOUL and I

I have written on this subject, but catching sight of many theosophical discussions on the matter, I repeat.

What is the soul? To answer this question we must ask another: what kind, but at the beginning of our study, let us assume the soul as a combination of the vessel and the Light - that is desire and pleasure from his realizatsii.V Judaism traditionally distinguish two kinds of soul: the animal and the divine . But how do these relate to my soul (yours, a) I? What comes here again, and what is left. Is immortal, and that of course? Try to lift the veil of misunderstanding veschey.Kabbala (open part, called Sense and taste of the Torah and the Commandments) shows three spiritual (or rather non-physical) bodies. What is the difference between spiritual and non-physical? Spiritual - is the quality of bestowal, the quality of the Creator, became the motivation of the Act of Creation. Highest logic is to have done, guided by the spiritual, it is necessary to create anti-spirituality, matter, the desire to receive. After all, only the properties of difference separates one object from another.

Not physical, it's something that can not clearly be called physical. Say thoughts - where they matter? Although they are made of material (electro-bio-chemical) physical activity of the brain. That is, they are a kind of "voice" of the soul, reverberating through the "brain speaker".

So, three bodies: the Divine Beast and "neutral" - Klipat leg (Radiance). You can announce it in a different way: the animal soul (desire to receive for its own sake), I (personality, individuality) and Divine Soul, or rather its germ *. Let us examine them in detail.

1. The animal soul (other names - a bad start, vital force, etc.). She obviously dead (sentenced to death at the time of creation), as the desire to receive for himself ** in principle can not be filled completely. Thus, the dead animal soul is the source of suffering from an unfilled desires. It is given to the dead, in order that-be vossmerdet (to give us an idea about the hideousness of evil (egoism)) decompose completely and then be resurrected as a desire to receive for the Creator ( "corrected"). Also it is known as dead, because the desire to receive the opposite of recoil, called Life. And this is said by the Sages: the villains in his lifetime considered dead.

An important point: The animal soul is not synonymous with the physical phenomenon of the existence of living matter. Physical matter is not the subject of our conversation. But why call it "vital"? Because the desire to receive is the motive of all our actions, revives in us power to act (or refrain from it), and without it, we will not lift a finger.

2. Person I Individualnost.Eto there are false (illusory) identity. Suffice it to say that the interests of the Pseudo-I and the soul can be the opposite. May byvayut.S Everyone comes into this world, the spiritual structure puts new 'face', a new mask, which is considered to be a person's identity. These masks are of the ego, so we tend to fear of death, fear of losing their Ya I hasten to reassure - all the material, and is sentenced to extinction. But it's not scary. Firstly, the True, Divine Self is immortal. It is important that he is well, and not a "personality." And secondly, because of the loss of Pseudo-I, every time we start from the beginning (as the sages say - before descending into the body, the soul has an angel on the mouth and she forgets all that is learned). After all, if the entire previous experience was in plain text to us, we would see that to follow the Torah is good and useful, and hence would comply with its mercenary considerations. After all, what kind of lunatic would do himself harm? But if so, then it is spoken, and therefore there is no room for faith, which is the key to the Ein Sof.

There is another important reason for the destruction of the pseudo-personality. If all our "masks" were preserved, who would have, in the end got a light? And then pay tribute to a soul, as many acts Yachestv?

3. Divine soul, which runs three "transformation" before "go down" in this world, like a diver who plunges into the sea in a sealed kostyume.- transformation first: The soul is separated from the divine essence, through the introduction of "injections" desire to receive . This is similar to the action of an ax to cut off a piece of rock from the cliff. Private detached from the general, keeping them similar to "material" .- second transformation: private shower, should break away from the General ( "the soul of Adam"). Need Ribuy Kelim (Vessels multiplication), so that one vessel can accommodate one Light. But as then he will get all the lights? "Spalling" shower is a process not so much quantitative as qualitative. If you make two identical vessels, that from the standpoint of spirituality, it will be one and the same vessel, intended for the same light. Therefore Ribuy Kelim - is making the difference in properties, qualities. In fact - we are all different, and no two are alike in any chem.- third transformation: it is impossible to draw all at once Partzuf, all the Divine soul. As ego cleansing, we are taught in small portions to receive the Light, not for himself. Again and again and again until you clear all five Vessels Kaha "b Tu" M (Keter, Hochma, Bina, Tifferet and Malchut), and then shine them all Light Naranja "th (Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chaya and Yechidah) .

Very generalized scheme of circulation of souls (gilgul Neshamot) is as follows: - as long as a person does not draw all the soul, it can not rotate - so there is a cycle entries (Gilgul Reshimot). Reshimot - it's all what nedoispravleno and / or spoiled us. These Reshimot are returning to a new cycle over and over again until they are definitively fixed - by the Torah, or the path of suffering - the very same soul "bathed" in light of, in a state of Gan Eden (Garden of Eden), like bacteria, placed in nutrient broth. It is still really "bacterium", compared to the final state, which is Partzuf (Face) or a person in the spiritual sense of the word - our private souls - is the process of breaking of the common soul (Adam HaRishon) "First Man." Upon the occurrence of the Universal fixes common soul will meet again (because selfishness separates us from one another, will be "slaughtered" - fixed). But istinnnaya individuality of each is not lost, because there is no absence in duhovnom.Primechaniya: * This embryo is called a point in the heart (Nowhere neck-Balewa), we are born with it. She wakes up and starts to grow in the Partzuf (in full soul) only when the Creator gives insight, called the 13-Tew spiritual years. Then it begins the war began in man, and before that he was not even born as a man, and is an animal of great apes, having speech ** A special case of the desire to receive -. The desire to avoid suffering.