In human life, practicing the Jewish way of life, there are many difficult moments. Had he been born in a religious environment, whether it is "former secular", returning to the tradition (or as a special case - passed convert to Judaism). But among all these complexities, there is one particularly noteworthy. And now we see that the complexity of the benefit. Yes, do not be surprised - "heavenly logic" is that what our ego is worse, the soul is better ..

Thus, the aforesaid phase is characterized by two global problems.

1. Judaism is technically difficult. Many prayers, study, rituals and restrictions. External (material) mind of man and whispers that enough for him? Why would he so much action from us? That you can not pray to himself, and be sure to get up for a long time to read what that text? Well and all that rode.Trebuetsya a lot of effort not to throw it all. Need a society of good and correct fellow, what would have supported, you need prayer to God for help in overcoming this "the blues." Baie Kitsur, it's complicated.

2. This person has not yet gained complete faith in what they say and Torah sages. He agrees with them, he wants to believe, but the material eyes show a very different picture. The world is cruel and unjust judges did not see, and indeed where a 100% guarantee that once there comes deliverance and total bliss ... Strictly speaking, the only completely corrected may have full faith. Faith and Correction - synonyms, but without certain cases (and most importantly, without the switch Over) does not reach.

And yet we do not fully corrected their desire to receive - Faith can only be partial. In one way or another stepeni.Nu and what's good about, you ask? Circle "ambush." Maybe this is we are too obsessed in his quest to "justify Gd"?

No, friends, it is not so. I'll explain now.

1. Apathy gives us two options: - work to overcome: - ALL linking it with God and turning to Him for help. To Him, and not to the various idols (psychology, philosophy, the "love of life" and so forth.).

2. Do not (before) verie eliminates greed! After all, if we were 100% sure of the result, according to our selfish nature, we would be doomed to literally do everything for the result *. So we would have closed the road to the selflessness and ispravleniyu.Chudny Creator affairs. Once again we see how intricate way we are led to the goal! Due to the described misfortunes, we can work bezkorystno - to overcome in order to overcome! Yes, this is another manifestation of higher logic, the opposite logic of this world. What is important is not the result but the work. Prayer is important, but not an answer to it. Only in this way, there is a chance to "go all out" **, to escape from captivity selfish prirody.Primechaniya: * And how then to be with full faith? That's when they reach it (ie corrected), then there is spoken does not interfere ** This is the second gradation in Partsufin. Not vertical (Head - Body - Body End), and the horizontal. Outside skin means outside the selfish nature. And it is in the advanced part of the teachings of the Ten Sefirot.