Why is love for others is equal to the love of Gd? Why "for others" is synonymous with "for the Creator"?

Answer: because all that is beyond me is the Creator .. (. Love is not pacifism is not nonresistance to evil Good should not be with his fists, it should be with the regimental flamethrower) *********

Why should vote so says Rabbi (teacher)? All external actions, even with good motivation, only reinforce the outside (clip, impure skin). By voting for this or that candidate, we contribute to the rise of a bastard and a destroyer. After all, a strong ego, willingness to take on the head and pushes people to the top of the social piramid.Napryamuyu correct others can not. Therefore the vote, based on rational "choice" - it's external action, which enhances Qliphoth.

But if we surrender our ego, his Ratsio instructions Rava, then fix something in itself and automatically a part of the other. It does not matter that there are different Rava, different teachers. Do not try to equalize their positions. It is important to subordinate ego, his position Rava. And for whom to vote is - irrelevant. At least for the Arab parties. Or do not vote, if so recommended by Rav.

But what if the person does not have teachers? If such a person is a believer - to vote for the party, which at least formally assert the values of the Torah. If a man of the world - for those who claim the principles of unity of the people. And no matter what they will do on the dele.Potomu that whatever happens - will be beneficial (but not for the ego). If the mental benefits will need a whip - will whip. If the carrot - will stick. And what's the difference, through whom it will come?