About "paleocontacts"

Since the second half of the 20th century, certain widespread views of Zecharia Sitchin and theory paleocontacts. Briefly, its meaning is: ancient artifacts could not be built by people with their then-technology. Therefore, perhaps the human race was created by aliens from outer space, which the ancient people worshiped. Source of inspiration supporters of this theory - Sumerian religion. they are also looking for confirmation of his views in the sacred books of other nations - the Torah, the Bible, Tibetan, Indian, and other Mayansky epics.

Of course, this theory meets the disapproval of the traditional science. But we will not now parse these arguments and see what is said to Judaism in this respect. Judaism and its innermost core - Kabbalah.

1. In the pre-Lurianic Kabbalah exist representation of the seven cycles (civilization) corresponding 7-lower Sefiros. Our cycle Gevura cycle - whether the second, or sixth. There are "guests" -shower from other cycles - for example Moses out of the water (which came from Cycle Sephiroth Chesed, whose symbol is the water). This approach is somehow explains the presence of the grand artifacts.

2. Thor - spiritual book, talking about the spiritual roots and the laws of the universe. The first time she mentions the material world only with the words "kutonet op" (coats of skin). Adam and Eve is created, and are described as spiritual objects and their immediate "materialization" does not say anything. There is a midrash on humans and monkeys, the people in the guise of lizards, but the genre Midrash - obviously allegorical and allusive. Not to be literal perception.

3. It does not say directly that there is life on other planets. That is, maybe she is, but that's not important for us to know. And therefore it does not say.

4. A Kabbalist Rabbi Isaac de min Ako (from Accra), who lived in the 12th century Gregorian reckoning, determined the age of the material world in 13.5 billion. Years. On the method of its calculation, I wrote previously on numerous occasions.

Conclusions: - a Jewish position, we do not know how technically occurred materialization spiritual roots to the branches in our world. There are only a modern assumption of a certain chain of spirituality - quanta / quarks / - energy - plasma - a gas - liquid - solid ...- times it does not shed light, so it's not so important znat.- yes, we can "enter" on land creatures from other planets. Well, what difference does it make? After all, our goals remain the same.