HOW awarded comprehension?

(Unpublished statements Baal aSulyama)

Unable to qualify for the vestments of Divinity, Let her be blessed, except through the true humility. And it is through such a degree of humiliation which the whole world can not endure and exist with it.

After all, the Blessed Light (the Creator) does not shine even lower moment, except if they are fully prepared to receive it. And those who are not ready, do not get. And when it is said, "For the L-rd is exalted, but sees the lowly" (Tehillim / Psalms 138: 6) *, it is meant that the preparation is Pribnizhennost and pride this damage.

And know that the sons of this world are not worthy vestments Blessed, because they can not belittle yourself properly. And if you want to find the proper humility, then know that it is so deep that people can not bear it. Otherwise, everyone would then reveal the Creator Light.

Note: * The original Hebrew text erroneously indicated Psalm 136. But it is Psalm 138.