(Purim - based articles SLAVE "Sha)

Tselofhad - the Torah is a man gathering sticks on the Sabbath and was executed for etot.Govorit Holy Zohar (Chapter Shlah peroxide, 11) that he measured, more than any tree: the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. The Tree of Life is the righteousness and quality of bestowal, but this did not inherit the outer part (the other). However Excellence (Integrity) * is the Tree of Knowledge, which is the attraction of the light of the purpose of Creation lower, hereinafter referred to as the secret desire of the Creator to carry the benefit created. And it is forbidden to measure these two categories, but they must be "united by in your hand." This means that one without the other is imperfect.

And it echoes the theme of Mordecai and Haman. Mordechai is the stage of the Tree of Life. He has no shortage (Hisarönü), but he did not want to draw down. And so (it is said) that did king (stage) Haman, so he pulled the light down and after the show Hisaronu (lack of) Mordechai, he will receive in order to bestow them **.

From this understand why the king had promoted Haman hated Mordecai, that after Mordechai said good things about King *** and saved him (the king) from death. As our sages said: desire (two different people) as the desires of Haman and Mordecai, who hated each other.

Notes: * but why then below it is said that perfection is a combination of two elements (lines)? Because the desire to carry the benefit created is the desire of the Creator, and it is perfect; ** it is said also in other words: the Light of Aman in the vessels of Mordecai. That is the desire to receive the Light in order to bestow Goals (for the sake of the Creator), which is the spiritual desires; *** I do not know why SLAVE "W so put it is obvious that a good, meaning that Mordecai uncovered a plot against the king..