Shabbat scale

(Based on articles SLAVE "Sha. Ma'amar 238)

When (Baal Azul) went to make Kiddush Shmuel Blizhenskomu, he said such a thing: Admo "in Poland, the moat was a custom that on Saturday Shekels * rich people come to their rabbis to get shekels (ie, some of them coins that were in vogue there - zloty, or pennies) This alludes to the fact that it is impossible to delete a clip Amalek ** without shekels, after the shekel has not yet received, there is no Amalek clips and at a time when taking shekels comes a great evil.. shell Amalek, and work begins on its obliteration. But if there is no Amalek, something no one deleted.

And he added (Rabbeinu Baal Azul), the words of Kozhenitz Magid. Why is prayer Neila *** said, "You divided the human **** from the head and learn to stand before Him"? How can a man be without a head? It is an allegory. By means of the recoil (the give hints to this half-NIS) is attracted step Roche (Head) - stage 3 Sefiros higher, which can attain the purpose of creation ***** light.


And then (Baal Azul) asked Shmuel Blizhenskogo why he has prepared more than a drink at Kiddush than food? It's against the rules, according to which the food is basic, but complements it and drink so the food should be more! And he explained: food alludes to Ohr Hassadim (Light of bestowal, as amended) and in the light of the objective drink. Drinking matches Shabat (stage of love), and the food - a holiday (Yom Tov, Joy stage). And Love is the essence and reason, while Joy is a consequence of love. The reason is always important consequences.


In Talmud Berachot said: Rabbi Yochanan ben Zakai replied to his wife, so - I stage of the Minister that before the King, and Rabbi Hanina ben Dosa - stage of the King's servants. Therefore, he is able to pray.

It sounds strange, because the Minister has more opportunities to contact the King than the servant. But what does this mean in terms of spiritual work? Minister referred to one who knows the Prati Ashgahu (Private Providence). Therefore, he does not feel the lack of suffering and even cause him want to thank the Creator (in fact sees them for good, and why then not to enjoy?). So he had no reason to ask for anything, because and so all is well. Therefore suffering are attracted to it.

(Note MG -. It is a very high level of fact before suffering aroused in him sins charges Creator, that it is bad, but now it is thanks to them (seeing that they are correct and therefore lead to good) How... It said that the sins turn into merits)

But the servant is one who understands the management of reward and punishment, and therefore are suffering and the lack of means and it is something to pray and what to correct! (Note MG -. Therefore repelled by him suffering, as willing to do the work to remedy, and if wished, he does it willingly, not under compulsion, which causes suffering)

Notes: * Shabbat span - Saturday preceding the new moon of Adar (and in leap years ahead of the second Adar) is called "Shabbat scale". This Saturday the Jews read a passage from the Torah that speaks of the commandment "and mahatsit-shekel" (half-shekel) ** Amalek -. Keter (crown and root) of all impure Klipot-shells and is a commandment to erase his memory from under heaven. This means that at the level "above the heavens" - that is, at the level of 3 higher Sephiroth, the essence of Amalek is pure, but on the level of a 7-lower Sefirot ( "under heaven) he is unclean Torah describes Amalek as an aggressive nation casts. challenged the Creator and to attack Israel. Since the Torah comes to (primarily) of the inner world of each person, then we are first and foremost about the fight started inside us. and, Amalek in the current exile of our people, is "the head of the world from which robbery Israel . "*** Neila - prayer, which is read once a year, at the end of the day of Atonement, Yom Kippur This 5th and highest prayer of the day, which is rooted in the Sefira Keter and the world of Adam Kadmon **** man here named.. Anosh epithet, the very lowest of the epithets person (the other is Ish, Geber and Adam). ***** But of course it is not necessary to believe that simply giving the half-shekel, suddenly will attain the highest light.