What is the difference between a gift of charity, because both mean a return?

In fact, there are a few differences between them - both materially and spiritually.

1. We give gifts, usually vygadyvaya something for themselves. Locate the man to himself, to keep up appearances, not to be considered redneck, get something as a return gift, etc. etc.. Give alms as knowing that he would never receive a refund *.

2. Alms are for the most necessary, while, gifts are izlishestvam.Inymi words, the material above Alms gifts.

3. In the spiritual opposite. Alms is the stage of preparation - feedback in order to bestow. It is also a step of faith, because in this world, it shall not gain anything, as opposed to knowledge (which is appreciated and helps to reach the heights of the material). However, it returns the correct tools, but not the purpose of creation. The goal is that we receive, not for himself. Therefore, a "gift" in the spirit, it is the light that enjoy bringing pleasure to others. And it is beyond charity.

Notes: * but in fact often give Alms, based on the "return" in the spiritual? It is not lower, because of the spiritual desire, stronger desire to receive for myself in the material? The fact that we are talking about the material, and consequently, tangible. The spiritual is there not tangible. It can not be touched, it can not be expected as a guarantee. It can only believe. From the viewpoint of the world, it's so illusive "benefit" that it can not even take into account. And do not be surprised - the religious people in the mass even more "tangible" than the secular, for themselves and want to get here and "there." And the desire to receive for its own sake, is called material.