(Based on the lesson of Rabbi Gottlieb. On the topic of chapter Terumah)

Chapter Terumah, Thor tells incl Materials from which the Church is built. What do we know all this "architecture"? The fact that the Earth Temple - is a model of the spiritual Temple. Each material earthly temple has a corresponding spiritual root! As we remember, the Torah speaks in the language of roots and branches. ********

1. And the LORD spake unto Moses as follows:

2. Speak unto the children of Israel, and let them take me (together) an offering; From every man, stirring his heart, I take an offering.

3. And an offering, what do you take from them: gold, and silver, and copper ...

******** voluntary donation - Terumah Hebrew. This word is decomposed into "tar" and "hey", which means "sacrifice to the Creator." This is an allusion to the quality of bestowal, which is essential to building a personal spiritual (only of course it is not necessary to think that the Creator that it is necessary to us. He is totally self-sufficient, so that the quality of the recoil we need to fix). And Terumah consonant Terem (above). First of all returns. The Torah also hints at the essence of the corrected desire, saying "Tycho floor Terumah-minute" - take (get) for donations (will give), ie the production in order to bestow (Note MG..) What is the Gold, Silver and Copper in terms. of roots and spiritual work. There are two interpretations, but they both agree that this is an indication of the three lines.

1. Gold - zahav Hebrew. Consonant "se aw" (the Father) that hints at a desire for the Creator. And this right line. But another interpretation is left line, as is lust light of the purpose of Creation (hav se). In such a desire superimposed Tzimtzum (Limit), and each constraint (under-reception) and thus referred Court left liniey.2. Silver - Kesef Hebrew. Kisufin - lust, and this interpretation is the left line. But if this desire to do spiritual work - the right.

3. Copper - Nehoshet in Hebrew, is the middle line, as explained by Baal Azul.

(In Bereshit Rabbah there is another option: Gold-zahav is Abraham and the right line, Kesef - Yitzhak and left line) .From this passage shows that the construction of the spiritual structure, not only due to the impact, but also requires work in three lines. After recoil as such a tool. But it is not the purpose of the act of creation. The purpose is just to got started, but they were in the right way (to bestow).

******** Further listed materials, hinting at the five positive qualities of the person (or five Behinot): - turn blue, tekhelet Hebrew. Tekhelet hints at TAHLIL - Objective. This commitment - scarlet, Argaman. Bright red, purple color is a symbol of passion. In this case, the passion for the spiritual - Chervlenitsa, Tolaat Shani. Tolaat hints at belittling (Tolan - worm in Hebrew), Shani - on Change (Shinui). That it is meant a change (of pride) in the direction of humility * - Fine linen, Shesh Hebrew. Shesh Six is also that hints at Ktsavot Vav (six ends) - that is, the six Sefirot (properties) ZA. But more than that, he does not detail - goat hair, Izim. Izim hints at Ezut, insolence. In this case, with a positive tinge - when one dares to spiritual work.

******** Next Torah lists the materials that symbolize the qualities that you need ispravit.- skins dyed red, Orot Eylim Maadamim. Eylim means desire to receive, Maadamim - the properties clips Edom (Esau), Orot (Skin) - Skin is the boundary between the body (getting to yourself, work of reason) and the space outside the Body - the work of the Faith above reason. ** That is, the transition from the Faith in Mind *** the Faith above reason (approx. MG.) .- Skin Tahashevye, Orot Thahash. Said Ben Lakish the name of Rabbi Meir that Thahash was a unique creation, existing in a single copy, intended to be used in the construction of the Temple. And it is not known sages, how to categorize him, Chaya (right line) or Beema (left line). And there was at Thahash single horn in the forehead. Hence we teach that the desired average line that is to come, there is no right and left lines, and is born out of a combination thereof. Thahash also hints at Hushim, Feelings. Pluralism sensations who want to donate, reducing it to the unity of the senses (to the feeling that everything is good - approx MG..) .- Wood Shittu, Etsey Shitima. Etsey hints Gain (Atsumi, otsma) Shitima - on Shtut, Shota (action without the involvement of the Mind). That is Etsey Shitima is the need to strengthen the work of the Faith above reason.

******** In addition, the Torah indicates two important characteristics of spiritual work, called the two types of oil: - Chemin Maor (Oil Lamp) and Chemin Mishha (Anointing Oil). They allude to the cleaving of ordinary people to the sage and a spiritual initiation (like material anointing is to initiate when he took office - a king, a priest and so forth). Anointing oil to mix with the spices for burning, Ktoret Himself in Hebrew. Ktoret alludes to the Aramaic Kshoret - Communication. That is it that leads to the lower and Communications Vysshego.A on Torah gives two "recipe", describing them as materials for stroitelstva.- onyx stones for the ephod (item of clothing of the High Priest), Avnei Shoham laEfod. This is an allusion to the Paix category - Usta (Evens, stones - in tune with Avan, Understanding);

- Stones plug for the breastplate (another item of clothing), Avnei Mluim laHoshen. Breastplate is an allusion to Serdtse.Tora says Ephod and the breastplate should not move relative to each other. That is poimanie Hearts should not at odds with the understanding of the Mind.

******** All of what we now have explained the Torah fit into the seven verses, respectively, the lower seven Sephiroth. And next (eighth and ninth) verses are as follows: And let them make me a special place (Mikdashi - Sanctuary, Temple of ****), and I will dwell among them. All that I show you, the image of the tabernacle and the image of all its vessels, and do it.

(. Note MG - the eighth and ninth Sefirot Bina and Hochma "recipe" of building the Temple -. Corrections seven lower, leading to Sefirot Bina and Hochma, in collaboration is to obtain light of the purpose of Creation in the garb of Light Recoil (Correction)).


* In the previous summaries on articles Baal aSulyama, I explain why I need to comprehend belittling. See the article "How to be awarded comprehension."

** This "vertical" Graduation Partzuf described in the advanced part of the teachings of the Ten Sefirot.

*** Faith in Mind is a "conspiracy against the guards of Ahasuerus, Mordecai uncovered." It obyanyaetsya in maamar Rabbeinu Purim. In simple words, the desire to know the mind of Gd. Incidentally clip Ed mentioned here also applies to rationalization.

**** K-root LWH means both separation and holiness. Are synonymous. Link to lesson Rabbi Gottlieb (in Hebrew)