OKO for the good

There is a strong delusion, which says that good things are supposedly well-being in this world. But in fact, they not only bear material rewards, but also attract the suffering of who commits them. Let's see why this is so.

First, let's understand that there are good deeds. With the "human" position, then nothing at all is not clear. Fortunately everyone understands their own way. So it is impossible to say what is good and what it is.

Kabbalah says - Good deeds, that the commandments made altruistically, with no expectation of reward. For the sake of Heaven so to speak. Even in this category, probably can be attributed, and "the willing gifts", so to speak. Ie actions which are not commanded, made of humanity (ie, when the good of others is perceived as his own). For example, to translate her grandmother across the street ... All the rest - and even the commandment made for themselves (in order to obtain rewards or avoid pain), good works are not considered. As the saying goes - "villains, all that they do, do it for yourself." They belong to the ego and this world and therefore nothing but suffering, can not bring.

But what is considered a good thing, it is not obliged to bear the well-being of the body. In fact there are two reasons.

1. If there was a tangible reward for good deeds, we could not do nothing for himself. That is our nature that drives to act for their own benefit. Therefore Commandments, mostly illogical and absurd from the standpoint of the world. A bunch of work, the result here is broken. It is necessary to correct the egoism.

2. When the recoil seeds have sprouted, they must be "watered" and cultivate. Each time, he received the "head" in response to the good deed, we are strengthened in the understanding of processes and the desire to move forward. This is the principle of "the right hand pulls, pushes the left." Only the part of the king's chambers, who can go all the guards.