And the king arose in anger ...

(Zohar, with commentary Sulyam, the book of Exodus, chapter Vayakel. From maamar "Three guards')

22) And there is the Holy (the Creator), blessed be He, joy, until he comes to the Garden of Eden (Gan Eden), to play with the souls of the righteous.


And a hint of this unity is contained in the fact that the said Queen Esther - she kingdom (Malchut in Hebrew) for the king (kingdom hints at Sephira Malchut, and the King of ZA and together they are the one "construction" of the world fixes Atsilyut that. created in the "image and likeness"). "...

Because we have given, I and my people, to be destroyed, to be slain, and to perish "- Scroll of Esther, part 7, verse 4. This is the secret power of the courts of the left." ...

Then the king answered Ahashveyrosh, and told the queen Esteyr: who he is and where he is, that he dared to do so (force the queen)? And Esteyr said:.. And the enemy of the enemy - this wicked Haman "Esther, part 7, verses 5-6.Aman - clip, the attraction of the left line (. Note MG - is the desire to receive the Light, on which is superimposed a Tzimtzum) .

Then he was made a Zivug on Masach Nekudat Hirik. (Note MG -. Zivugim Copulation literally, this interaction Light Light objectives and benefits / Fa). Masah - the power to overcome the desire to receive. After each Zivug, the Masach loses one step and one step Desires Resistance desire, so that the desire to lower the resistance by one step, or Masach break. Nekudat Hirik in the material is subscript vocalization I. In the spirit of its root - light recoil, born Histalkut direct light from a vessel located below the Tabur (the Navel of the Partzuf) - where is the prohibition to receive the Light. That is, light of the objective can not shine there, until full correction Behina Dalet - the fourth and most strongly the desire to receive ownership of which are located on the Tabur of the Partzuf to the end (Siyum Raglin). But there may illuminate light recoil and Corrections).

Therefore it is said (Esther 7: 7) that "in the fury of his king arose because of the feast and went into the palace garden." "Stood" means Mochin attraction (more light, corresponding Gadlyut - more states allow the use of all the vessels for the Light, because then they are corrected and suitable and not be broken (did not get to yourself)). I stood in the middle of the night - in the middle of the Small States.

"From the feast" - a feast in Hebrew Mishta Jain (drinking wine). Wine hints at the Sod (secret, because the gematria of words Yayin / Wine & Sod / The Mystery of the same), and this light of the objective, the Ohr Hochma. Drink it received light Goals (and Food - Light of bestowal, Hassadim). That is, "got up from the feast," is pulled Mohin, more light, but only in the Ba "K (Vav Ktsavot - 6 Sefirot ZA) Sephiroth Funny (Note MG -.. Since most state was only in the far-Va" for it is not the case of partition). "Furious" - ie, in "excited" (i.e., in agreement with) the majority Vessel (restrictions) are attracted left line. (Note MG -. Va "For it is not a complete Partzuf, ie it is limited, is" under the Courts' Courts come from the left line.).

"And he went into the palace garden" - Gang Beytan that alludes to Gan Eden, the Garden of Eden. (. Note MG - Gan Eden consists of two steps - Gan and Eden, indicating that the interaction ZA and Malhut) .More info here: Eden - Op indicates Chochmah (Light purpose of creation).

Garden - Sefirah of Malchut, receives the Light. In other words, the corrected desire to receive (ie, already with the intention of "not for himself").

But not yet corrected their desire to receive - may not be able to "Malchut receiving the Hochma" or Gan Eden.

************ Summary.

Restrictions (Courts left line) superimposed on the desire of Light. If the world of Adam Kadmon, and in general to the breaking of the vessels, the procedure was that first there is a large fortune, and then it is reduced by a number of processes, called Zivug and the Masach Oschischenie. But in the world of Correction is the reverse process. Start small state is a little accustomed to receive the Light, not for himself, then another and another - so as not to clean the entire Aviut (thicker, selfishness) and reach the state of the Garden of Eden, when you can get all the Light for the sake of the Creator.

********** Original

זהר עם פירוש הסולם / שמות / ויקהל / מאמר "שלש משמרות"כב) וקב"ה לית ליה וכו ': והקב"ה אין לו נחת עד שנכנס לגן עדן להשתעשע עם נשמות הצדיקים. והסימן ליחוד הזה, הוא מה שאמרה אסתר שהיא המלכות למלך, שהוא ז"א, כי נמכרנו אני ועמי להשמיד ולהרג ולאבד וגו ', שה"ס שליטת הדינים של קו השמאל, ויאמר המלך מי הוא זה וגו' ואמרה, המן הרע הזה, דהיינו הקליפה הנמשכת מקו שמאל. ואז נעשה הזווג על מסך דחירק דמפתחא ואז נאמר, והמלך קם בחמתו ממשתה היין אל גנת הביתן. קם היינו המשכת מוחין, כמ"ש, ותקם בעוד לילה. במשתה היין היינו מוחין דו"ק דחכמה, בחמתו, היינו בהתפעלות מרוב הדינים שנמשכים מקו שמאל, אל גנת הביתן, היינו גן העדן.