Divinity is in the genitive case

(Based Sulyam comments)

The word 'et' (Aleph-Tav) is a binder in the Hebrew language, pointing to the genitive word coming after him. For example: ve-ET Shmi itself - and laid (who, what?) My name.

Rush "and referring to Genesis Rabbah, in absentia, answers the question" where did the people, if Adam and Chava were born only sons? ". The binder is the word" floor "in front of the names of Cain and Abel, alluding to the fact that, together with them, Adam and Chava were born daughters. This is the opinion of the sages.

Baal Azul, in his commentary on the Book of Zohar (Perush Sulyam), "dig" deeper. It concerns an explanation of verses 28 and 29 of the 4th chapter of the Genesis. "...

And Ploughshare lived a hundred years and eighty-two years, and it has generated a son. And he called the name of the Hoax, saying this would facilitate us by our deeds and sufferings of our hands, because of the ground which the LORD hath cursed. "

Asks Rabbeinu Baal Azul why when the Torah speaks of the consecration of Noah, it is written, "Noah floor", and when said of Jacob (in another chapter of the Torah), the word "et" is missing? And he answers: This indicates a connection ZA and Nukva, which is the desired perfection, "the image and likeness of God." Noah really was perfect on its own level. It is said of him that he was at the age of 600 years old when he began to build the ark. That is, 6 × 100 - is the level of Tifferet, Bina (6 is six Sefirot Tiferet / ZA, and hundreds of numbers is the order of the level of Bina *) ** sufficient to produce viable in every sense of humanity that is able to arrive at the goal of creation . Jacob is an intermediate step that precedes perfection, referred to as Israel (it is the second name of Jacob, according to the Torah). Therefore, Noah is written with the "floor", and Jacob bez.No because in the Torah, the names of many characters preceded by a "floor" - Abel, Cain, Seth, etc.. Some of them are far from perfect. So why, in a perfect, Said Noah? Baal Azul brings it from the verse "leemor se" ( "saying that" from the "called his name Noah, saying, This will facilitate us), where" this "is the righteous Noah, and" said "is an allusion to the Divinity *** ( she is Malchut) .Ostaetsya more questions why, whom and what Noah Why should facilitate cursed is the ground -.? what could be guilty inanimate body, not even the illusion of having the freedom to choose well, to answer them refers to "events"?. Noah in the spiritual worlds of words counties -.. to comfort, to alleviate the suffering because we are suffering from their own selfish desires **** - hints at a desire word Eretz (land), consonant with the word Ratzon (desire) cursed is the ground is called a source of suffering -. egoistic desire . only the correction (ie the achievement of excellence) is able to get rid of suffering.


I tried through gematria understand why ET indicates the union of male and female (ZA and Malchut-Nukva)? The only thing I managed to find the following: gematria ET - 401. The same gematria has the word Anoshim (Aleph, Nun, tires, yud, mem), meaning people. Minimum plural is 2, and the two men are a pair. In turn, a Couple Torah understands men and women.


* Units - Keter, dozens - Funny, hundreds - Bina, thousands - ZA / Tiferet, tens of thousands - of Malchut;

** this is a whole separate issue, which lies outside of this article;

*** and why, "said," is an allusion to the Malchut? I have researched this issue. "It is said," is that "heard" do not say that will not be heard (if there are no vessels, the Light is a thing in itself, which has no concept). In turn, "heard" is related to the principle of Sinai "Naase ve nishma" - "we will do and hear (understand)," where "do" is Bina and left line (output - ie non-receipt), and "hear / understand "the corrected Malchut is capable of receiving light of the objective in the garb of Light recoil and Corrections.

**** we suffer from the non-fulfillment of our desire to receive and the need to come out of dormancy and make an effort to implement the goals.

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