That's a very difficult question. It depends on the internal level or the human condition. For "man of the crowd" it looks like "they love the people that love Gd". Well, if a person is more conscious, it is important to what his deeds "in the eyes of the Creator," and not in the eyes of the people. Conversely complete failure becomes a situation where a person is looking for fidbek from people. Creator nothing of his award - after all, he wanted all the reward he receives from people.

There is even a kind reception, which enjoyed a very understanding and righteous people - not to demonstrate their achievements and even contrary to behave so that others think it's just a man, not very knowledgeable, not very thorough, etc. (Of course they do not violate the commandments, just trying to appear "broken-down"). And there is an iron rule - "Creator keeps his servants, and as soon as gets wise and righteous, then stir up his detractors, to the glory and honor not hurt him." In other words - as many people became aware of the righteousness and wisdom of a particular person, immediately comes in the Prosecutor (Satan) and "points" on even the smallest mistakes and shortcomings of this person. Therefore, "the righteous are judged more severely."