(Based on the book Shamati)

A person must be ready to accept the yoke of the Kingdom of God in the most difficult situations - no matter which side it came in a svyazi.Nuzhno believe that all the situations come from the Creator. And the ones that seem to come from the people and those that appear to be random. All you need to say "there is nothing but Him, and everything (that happens) is in His desire to bring the Good created *.

And if one can believe it, it will take over the ministry of the Creator ** radostyu.Eto with the question of what the Sefira Malchut ( "kingdom") *** Higher becomes Sefira Keter ( "crown") for the lower and the darkness *** * And in the situation leads to the flowering of the Vessel return in situation B.


* Refers to the Soul. For bodies as it can be very painful;

** Why translate as service to the Creator, not the ministry of the Creator? Because He is self-sufficient and not in need of our service, and that service itself - it has a way of comparison with him on the properties and he pointed us to Him;

*** Higher correlates with lower as cause and effect;

**** Malchut is called darkness, because it is imposed Tzimtzum - refusal to produce for themselves. Malchut can get a small part of the world - only that is able to receive for the sake of Heaven. And when the little light - this is called the dark.