meticulously MASTER

(Proverbs Baal aSulyama)

Two students came to the master to learn some kind of profession. Per pupil teacher did not pay attention - if he works well. A second every day he spoke about the mistakes that he did. This son came and told this to his father why the teacher all day yelling at me that I am not able to work? A second student, who works as well as I, he says nothing. Probably, the father of the second student pays him more money, so it does not make him any comments. So I beg you, give master more money than paying other students; and then the teacher will not tell me about the shortcomings as it does not make comments other students.

So his father went out and told the teacher why you have no pity for my son? Is not the reason that I do not pay the salary, and the rest so you avenge my son? Then the master said to him: Know that of all the students, I enjoy only your son, because I see that he is talented and can become a star in the world and therefore it I put force, because for me it's worth it, because my efforts are not in vain. In contrast, the rest of the students I teach at the overall system, because they are not as talented as your son; and so for every detail of his actions I do to him remarks.

That is why in all that you think of me, you are inclined to believe that I seemed to want to ruin your son, because I am angry at you, do not bring God. Due to poor salary you pay me. Know this: if I were not afraid to put you in an awkward position, engaging with your son is free - believe me, I would have taught him for free because I enjoy it, and I pay off all the power that I put into it.


Therefore, the Creator "fussy" to the righteous, those who want to reach selfless service and rapprochement with the Creator. He gives them a sense of awareness of falls and their imperfection and sinfulness. And that should ignite the desire to climb into them.

The fact that it was during all the falls that the Creator gives to those who want to go the way of return for the Creator - He drew attention to the way they work. And every time a person performs good deeds, the Creator shows him the disadvantages: it is immersed in self-love, and unable to work for the Creator. So, observing that the case was not in the order which the Creator evinces it, due to the fact that the Creator sees, he tries to act for the sake of heaven.

Therefore, people should not be upset by the fact that the Creator gives him always falling and shows him that he is a villain. This is not because it is worse than the common masses, but on the contrary, it only gives personal care. After all, in fact, such a person is ready for holy work.

But does not the Creator of such experiences the total weight ( "broad strata of the faithful"), who are working for the sake of reward or fear of punishment. They always have a good sense of self, because it seems to them that they were righteous, and are faithful servants of the Creator ...

And further. Not worth a person wonder that come to him extraneous thoughts that do not correspond to the spirit of holiness. One must believe that the Creator sent them to him, and the knowledge that he is a villain. All this came back to people, ie to come back to the desire of the Creator, called "desire to bestow". That is, a person asked the Creator to give him the desire to bestow.

And know that it is impossible person to get the benefit from the Creator is called "desire to bestow" before he will have a real need for this (ie a complete disappointment in egoism and aversion to it). Those. When a person sees that he is a villain, then he screams to the Creator: "Save my soul from hell pandemonium, because I see that I am completely lost."