Does Gd works? And if so, what is his work?


Immediately, I note that I am not educated in terms of studying the Torah, and never did not read it in full, but only excerpts. I would like to clarify for themselves obscure. My question is what did Gd on the eighth day? I understand that in days the difference is important, therefore, rephrase: Is there a response to what the Gd of the last creation? Where did the idea: given that we have days of repeated and after the 7th of the day begins, roughly speaking, the first ... I mean, that after a rest we again begin to work ... working if Gd, and if so, what his work?

Answer (Rav Natan Agres):

Thank you for your question.

I must say that this issue you "a little" ahead of a matron, apparently, some noble Roman who lived in the times of the great sage Rabbi ben Yoseya Halafta, about two thousand years ago. So driven Midrash (Vayikra Rabbah, Chapter 8.):

I asked one Matron at Rabbi Yoseya: How many days did Gd His peace? I said to her six days. Then she asked, and since then and to this day what he was doing ..?

But in order to properly and deeply understand the answer Rabbi Yoseya (see. Below), you first need to clarify a few basic points.

Namely, the very question, what does Gd after the creation of the world, in fact, completely irrelevant! It occurs in our country only because of the Almighty who created the world, his presence hidden from our eyes (to give us the freedom of choice and the opportunity to discover his own). Unusually complex and harmonious world is perceived by the naked eye as a huge mechanism working "on autopilot". Immutable laws of nature, closed loops, and the system creates the illusion of a complete "independence" of the universe from its Creator. This contributes to the very form of our thinking - by association. Every human creature loses all contact with the "creator" and exists independently of him at the end of the creative process. Therefore, when it comes to Gd, we can not help asking ourselves: what to do to him after six days of work and a day of rest?

Moreover. When we observe certain phenomena in human society (strong use of weak, evil prevails and justice can not be seen), we have a feeling that the world is left to itself and the Creator is not the case before him.

But, as it has been said, all this is nothing more than "an optical illusion", a consequence of a brilliant disguise where absolute control looks like abandonment, absolute "involvement" - as indifference.

In fact, there is an inextricable link between the world and its Creator. Outset about the Gd person does not have the slightest idea. His true identity is completely incomprehensible to our mind. But here we are only talking about one "side" of his nature, which he wanted to reveal to us in the creation of the world.

Generally speaking, this relationship is manifested in two aspects. Firstly, the maintenance of reality itself, ie constant energy replenishment. The Universe can be compared, for example, a fan, a movement which is due to the accession to power (see. "As Gd can be everywhere?"). The first six (or rather seven) days of creation were only the first turn of the spiral of time. As in the beginning, Gd builds the essence of these days, and more: He continues to feed and "revive" the world at any given time.

Secondly, and human life is not left to chance. Supreme control the course of events and changes it, directing the flow of history in the necessary direction. But, again, it is transparent to us, as if by chance someone here met, there is something heard, yesterday lost, now found, sometimes the pain and loss, and sometimes pleasure and satisfaction, etc. All this - close monitoring and control of the Most High, clad in a mask of chance (about it - a lecture by Rabbi Kushnir "He knows and controls").

Moreover, sometimes the Almighty "intervene" even in our thinking and decisions. As it is written (Proverbs 21: 1): "The streams of water - the king's heart in the hand of Gd, at the request of His He directs it." The ruler decides some important global issues, and fully confident that he has decided to do just that, and not otherwise. He does not even suspect that God bowed his heart in the right side of him. And while the most concerned is the kings and rulers, in whose hands the fate of nations and mankind, it is true of each individual, as it is written (ibid 19:21) "Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it will come true solution B -n ". Those. of all possible options eventually the person will choose the path that is pleasing to Gd.

These two aspects are expressed in two main names of the Most High, is given in the Torah. Chetyrohbukvennoe unpronounceable name of God (the Tetragrammaton) means "was, is and will be" and defines Gd as the source and permanent cause of the existence of the universe (which is why it also reflects a measure of mercy, because it is thanks to her Gd continues " carry the world on his shoulders, "in spite of the many sins of mankind). And the name Elokim meaning "ruler", "judge", ie He says about management. And literally Elokim is a set of forces (el means "strength"), as It controls absolutely all the forces operating in the universe.

These same two aspects mentioned by the prophet Nehemiah (9: 6-7) "You, Gd alone; thou hast made heaven (the atmosphere), the heaven of heavens, and all their host (the cosmos and countless stars, etc.) the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. And You give them all the life, and the heavenly host bows down before You. " "... you give them all life ..." - a constant replenishment of energy, but "the heavenly host bows down before You" - monitoring and control, as Various effects of the Most High "are held" in our world is through the stars (hence astrology). But all of them - no more than a "channel of communication" of God.

And now let's go back to the controversy Matron and Reb Yoseya. The most unacceptable to other religions for centuries is not the first statement, and it is the second! The statement that God created the world and supports its existence, has never caused much protest from non-Jewish sages. But here is the statement about the involvement of Gd to what is happening on the ground, and his management of the fate of people has always been a fierce debate, the total rejection. This is evidenced by Scripture itself (Teilim 113: 4) "Exalted above all nations, Gd of the heavens His glory." Malbim explains that people consider demeaning to Gd do things "worldly" Almighty Gd ought to remain in heaven, surrounded by angels, pure, and not "descend" to the sinful people.

In fact, because of this high philosophy lies the desire to be free of all responsibility for his actions: in fact in any case Gd not up to us, and that certainly we can add or subtract their own affairs?

Exposing this concept should immediately (ibid, 5. 6): "Who is like the Lord our Gd, sits high, leaning to see - in the heavens and on earth!" Indeed, Gd is unfathomable and incomprehensible sublime, but it is so for him there is no difference between heaven and earth, and that, and another far from Him equally (as in mathematics: any number compared to infinity tends to zero) and to both of them he "bends." Therefore there is no logic in the assumption that the heavens are interested in Gd is greater than the earth. On the contrary, the whole purpose of creation is only associated with a person in the "distant" land where in the darkness of concealment he should open the light of Gd.

Now we are ready to read the continuation of the Midrash. By asking the question, Matron meant that after the creation of the world, Gd left His creation, and certainly engaged in some other grand projects. To which she replied Rabbi Yosey: since Gd joins the couple: "The wife of a certain (after divorce or the death of her husband) - such a man, the daughter of so and so - so and so." What surprised the matron exclaimed, and all these things ?! I can also do so, I have so many male and female slaves to marry them at once! Rabbi Yosey told her: if easy is in your eyes, it is difficult before God as a dissection of the Red Sea (at the exit of the Jews from Egypt).

What did Matron? Led 1000 pairs male and female slaves, built them in rows and began to point out: "So and so marries such a" not yet married all in one night. But in the morning all came to it - someone with a broken head, who with a black eye, etc. - and began to complain, they do not want to be with the man she had given them. Immediately she called Rabbi Yoseya and said to him, Rabbi! Your true Torah, good and praiseworthy, and you answered me correctly!

Rabbi Yosey able to "visualize" to explain to her what the providence of God. People meet and marry a seemingly random way, and yet, in most cases, to get along, despite the many differences and contradictions. In other words, when you create a family and general family life is easy to feel the presence of the highest hand.

And it's like a dissection of the sea. There Gd also had to reconcile the irreconcilable. Sea could parted, only if the Jewish people were on a high spiritual level. But at the time they are at this level are, and yet the Creator gave them the opportunity to "get along" with sea water during the whole transition.

And yet Yosey Rabbi added that Gd is engaged in installation of stairs - one raises and lowers the other. In this way he wanted to emphasize that in all that relates to earnings and career clearly visible hand of Providence.

Summarizing, we can say that our goal - to be attentive. If you look good, you can see and feel the constant presence of God and His care for us. And this - the key to a happy and meaningful life, to which we all, of course, strive.

Sincerely, Nathan Agres