MYSTERY OF DELIVERANCE - return Resh (ר) in the "double seven" and the process of correcting the "three mothers". (Rav Yitzhak Ginsburg).

After three mothers are seven double. Seven double - the letters ב ג ד כ פ ר ת. Grammar of Hebrew, each letter of the "double seven" has two forms, two variants of pronunciation - strong (Dagesh) and weak (no Dagesh). Strong form indicates the primary nature relatively rigid and stubborn nature of the world of chaos and weak form - the property of softness in my heart, softening the rigidity of primary nature - and this is the mystery of Tikkun.

Modern grammar says only בגדכפת, but in the book of Yetzirah teaches בגדכפרת - there is also a letter ר. The fact that today the letter רי"ש has two forms explicitly only in the concealed - it is a mystery "צדיק אבד" [10] Seven of these letters בגדכפרת correspond to the seven lower sefirot [11] -. חגתנהי"ם (three correspond to the three mothers first Sefirot, Aleph - is כתר, meme - חכמה, tires - בינה), and then go seven double corresponding emotions of the heart: bet - it חסד, Gimel - גבורה, Dalet - תפארת, cafes - נצח, drink - הוד, and Reish - יסוד. Sephira יסוד - this tzaddik, a righteous man [12]. Tav - last letter of the aleph-bet, and as the last letter in בגדכפרת - matches מלכות. It turns out that רי"ש - this tzaddik here in the book of Yetzirah.

During the expulsion time "Tzadik disappeared", and so explain the commentators is why today we have no Reish with Dagesh, although in the Tanakh repeatedly appears Reish with Dagesh (in most cases in the Tanakh can not be Dagesh in Reish, according to the rules of modern grammar). Anyway - Reish mystery among the letters בגדכפרת - it's a great mystery. Radak, in his book "Maslul" discusses this in detail in terms of the rules of modern grammar, one who wants to - can see there.

We will learn about the three "mothers" tonight and seven "double." Twelve simple letters, corresponding to the twelve Hushim (emotions, ability) of the soul - is a separate issue. Now we start again, and, with the help of the Almighty, will be able to understand the idea of three mothers and their importance to us, and seven doubles.

Three mothers - is a completely separate issue, because it is the edge of the base and balance the entire language, language - is Alef (ie, hand weights) and two edges, which are balanced by Aleph - a meme and tires. What are silent and whistles? They are like חש-מל, when Mem is silent, and tire whistles. Whiz - is the most powerful expression. "Mal" - is to speak, to express themselves. Hush - is silent, not to express themselves, to restrain and quiet. The silence in the soul - is submission, humility. As the meme is silent, there is in it bitul and therefore it belongs to the Hochma, for Hochma - is bitul.

Shin whistles. When something did not like to whistle, especially in the home. It seems to me - perhaps there is a place where it is said - that the whistle is an expression of the blessing of opposites. But there posuk [13], which says "אֶשְׁרְקָה לָהֶם וַאֲקַבְּצֵם", at the time of deliverance will come when the King Moshiach, Moshiach, and the Almighty, through the mouth of Moshiach, whistle all the people of Israel. Just as in the desert Israel collected via hatsotsrot (the blowing). As the Almighty will bring all of us? Gather everyone together also means that he will unite us, that will be unity in the nation of Israel. What is most lacking to us today? Unity. Each fighting with each other, do not let Gd. How did this great miracle will happen, that the Jews will join together? It lacks a whistle, but strong and powerful. "אשרקה להם והאקבצם".

Whistling tires - indicates a very strong expression, the maximum "bo". Thus, the two edges are similar to hash-bo, meme and tires, and Aleph, balancing between them - that is, in essence, the balancing force - similar to the second "mal", which added the Baal Shem Tov between hash and bo (although the indication this can be found in the writings of the Arizal), this "bo" from "brit milah" language. And the main brit milah, this is how we shall explain it "and cut the dullness of your hearts". [14]

Therefore, especially when you think about these three letters - a meme on the one hand, and tires - other, and Aleph - in the middle - that is, we have the whole secret hash-bo-bo, which means submission - achna, department - Havdalah meaning and circumcision is an alliance, and after that - sweetened - amtaka. And then even the tire pointing to a fire, the great whistling whistling, like the great shofar, and so he collects and connects all the people of Israel, and all we will go forward, "Behold, here comes our righteous Moshiach."

It's only a little bit to begin to understand what is meant by three mothers "Emese".