Nixon gave Leonid Brezhnev a very expensive piece of fabric. Leonid Ilyich decided to make this piece suit. I went to the best of Parisian fashion designer. He took measurements and shook his head:

- You have such a big figure, but a small piece. We can only make pants.

Then Brezhnev went to the best Moscow designers. He also took measurements, shook his head and said:

- You have such a figure ... this piece is only enough to coat. Well, maybe in the shorts.

Leonid Ilyich upset, and then he reported that he lived in Odessa tailor Rabinovich, who works just the same miracles. Brezhnev takes off to him. Rabinovich took yardstick, I looked at the piece and told to come next week.

Brezhnev returned a week later and receives Rabinovich prekrassny suit. Measures the Brezhnev - everything fits. Pleased with Leonid Ilyich! Asked the tailor:

- How did you get it ?! Top fashion capital refused. They say: "figure" ... ...

- Did you figure there, and in Odessa you - no one. There you have the vest into the bargain!